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SirMagus Answers Questions
SirMagus Answers Questions

"Are you still making mods?"

Well, as some of you may know, I quit making mods for CO like 2 years ago or so.
I didn't really find it exciting anymore. It had freedom to an extent, but in the end I couldn't take it as far as I wanted to.
All in all, I'm just bored with Conquer Online. I've been playing it for so long, there's nothing left in it that's exciting and fun to me.

"So what have you been doing?"

  • Minecraft: I've been playing Minecraft for a long time now, because I feel like I get to be creative in it, where I also really enjoy playing around with redstone.
  • Let's Play: I've been recording gameplay videos, where I play games and talk while I do. I say stupid things and hopefully entertain people.
  • Work: I've been working quite a bit lately and I'm learning to use some of the awesome machines at my workplace. Machines that print and cut out stuff. Making decals for cars, posters, websites and such. I also made my own stickers from the let's play thumbnail drawings I made. Check them out here!

"What will you do now?"

I'm currently making a Minecraft server. It will be using a Pokemon mod so that people can catch, train and battle with Pokemon. It's really awesome!
I may also create a server that doesn't require mods, but that's yet to be decided and looked upon. Other than that I'm gonna see if I can just finish this internship at work and get a real job there, then I'll be able to make some good money.

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I'll end this post with a drawing I made in flash.
Hooray for Pikachu!

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